Belmont Public School Menus

The DepRainbow-of-Foodartment of Food Service is responsible for providing nutritious meals for students that partake in the lunch offerings. We also provide breakfast at the high school level and at two of the elementary schools.

We strive to be ahead of federal and state guidelines concerning the wellness of our students in action as well as policy. We are challenged to serve nutritious and appealing meals on a daily basis.Soda and candy has not been part of the school lunch program for several years. We serve skim and reduced fat milk, control portion sizes, restrict sodium and high caloric foods.

School Meals

Lunch is available at each school (start dates differ by building for K students) and breakfast is currently available daily at Butler and Wellington Elementary schools and Belmont High only.

Menus and Prices

Menus are emailed to families at the beginning of each month along with being posted  on the school website under the Food Services tab.