Food: Too Good to Waste

On September 24, 2015 Innovation Hub on WGBH radio ran a fascinating story on food waste and what we can do about it. Listen to how Lovin’ Spoonfuls, a local organization, has worked to change the way individuals, families, caterers and restaurants think about purchasing, preparing and discarding food.

The West Coast Climate & Materials Management forum has some very helpful information about how to cut down on the wasted food that goes into our trash everyday.

Whether it’s moldy cheese, limp celery, or long lost leftovers in the back of the fridge, chances are you’ve wasted food this week. And you’re not alone. Currently, Americans waste about 25% of all food purchases, but communities, families and individuals are working to toss less by making small shifts in how they shop, prepare, and store food.

The average family could save over $30/week ($1600 a year) by using this toolkit. When we throw away food, we’re also wasting all the water, energy and other resources used to produce, package and transport food to our plates.

Check out their Tool kit for some great suggestions about how to reduce waste at home and find out ways to get our community organized to host a campaign!